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Our services include:

Respiratory Service

The PCN respiratory service helps to diagnose and manage complex respiratory conditions such as Asthma and COPD. Clinicians use FeNO and Spirometry testing to diagnose patients with respiratory conditions. The service also carry’s out Post Exacerbation Reviews and helps with patients management of rescue packs. Our GP led respiratory clinics provide extra support for the practices most complex respiratory patients.


Phlebotomy Service

The PCN helps to provide a Phlebotomy Service for Moreton Group Practice, Moreton Medical Centre any additional phlebotomy sessions that are needed to support ongoing healthcare projects. The PCN also helps practices with Domiciliary Phlebotomy for their housebound patients.


COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

The PCN organises/coordinates the seasonal COVID-19 Vaccination Programme for all of our practices.


PCN Women’s Health/Respiratory Service

The PCN Women’s Health/Respiratory Service offers support to practices for Hormone Therapy, complex Smears, HRT support and Contraceptive Advice.


Integrated Frailty Team

The Moreton & Meols PCN Integrated Frailty Team is a collaborative project working with the NHS Community Trust to provide proactive and person-centered care for patients with moderate and severe frailty. The team is comprised of a Paramedic, a Community Matron, a Nurse Practitioner for Older People, a Early Intervention Assistant and a Clinical Pharmacist as well as support from many of the other services and organisations we work alongside. The aim of the project is to improve a patient’s quality of life, helping them to stay independent for as long as possible which can reduce the chance of people needing unplanned secondary care/hospital admissions.



Our PCN Paramedic helps practices by providing home visits for their housebound and end of life care patients. Our PCN Paramedic is also one of the key members in the Moreton & Meols PCN Integrated Frailty Team which aims to help provide personalised care for our most frail and vulnerable patients.


Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Our PCN Diabetic Specialist Nurse helps to manage more complex patients with poorly controlled diabetes. Our PCN DSN is currently working on the ‘T2DAY’ project, focusing on a younger cohort of patients aged 18-39 with type 2 diabetes.


Mental Health Practitioner

Our PCN Mental Health Practitioners support vulnerable patients with their everyday mental wellbeing. They help to manage patients with psychosis, bipolar disorder, ‘personality disorder’, eating disorders, severe depression and refer patients for diagnoses of autism and ADHD. Often poor mental health co-exists with other conditions such as frailty, cognitive impairment, neurodevelopmental conditions or substance abuse.


Learning Disability Care Coordinator


Ear Irrigation Service

The PCN offers an Ear Irrigation Service to all practices. Ear syringing is a medical procedure that injects a water stream into the ear canal to remove any excessive ear wax or any foreign materials.


Leap Review ADHD Clinic

The PCN Leap Review Clinic helps to manage patients with ADHD who have been discharged from secondary care back into primary care/their GP surgery for monitoring and medication reviews.


Clinical Pharmacy Team


Social Prescribing

We know that many of life’s problems can make us feel unwell. Improving your lifestyle or taking control of a practical problem can be very challenging and people often feel daunted at the prospect of change and don’t always know where to start.

Social prescribing link workers help give you the confidence, encouragement and support you need to make and sustain changes that will help you to feel better in yourself.

Our Social Prescribing Link Workers are here to help and support you to look after your health and wellbeing.

Watch the video below for more details about Social Prescribing:


Care Coordinating

A Care Coordinator is someone who will proactively identify and work with a cohort of patients with changing care needs, ensuring that their personalised care requirements are understood and communicated with other members of the PCN.

They will help patients to develop a person-centred care and support plan, which will focus on what matters to and for the individual.

Currently we have two care coordinators with our PCN team.

Our Care coordinator working in conjunction with Age UK works alongside our GP and healthcare workers to provide non-medical support to those needing personalised care plans. Our care coordinator helps patients get to correct support and access to services while also working to prevent hospital admissions where possible. We currently have work under going to provide to support to registered carers too.

for more information about Age UK care coordinators please follow the link below:

Age UK – care coordinating

Our Learning disability care coordinator works with our GP and healthcare staff to improve the physical health and wellbeing of our learning disability patients. our LD care coordinator also ensures reasonable adjustments can be made to make in practice appointments are comfortable and not distressing for those with a learning disability.


Health and Wellbeing Coaching 

Health and wellbeing coaches (HWBCs) predominantly use health coaching & motivational skills to support people with lower levels of patient activation to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become active participants in their own healthcare so that they can reach their self-identified health and wellbeing goals.

This personalised support is delivered through multiple sessions, increasing patient activation levels and empowering them to identify and implement lifestyle changes and self-management approaches to managing existing conditions or prevention of long-term physical and emotional health conditions.

The HWBC will work in partnership with multidisciplinary teams including the GP’s, Social Prescribing and Care Coordinators Teams to holistically support patients’ wider health & wellbeing.

Watch the video below to hear some Wirral health coaches answer questions about the role:

Weight Management Service/Walking Group


1st Contact Physiotherapy

What is 1st contact physiotherapy?

The vast majority of musculoskeletal first contact practitioners are physiotherapists with enhanced skills. They can help patients with musculoskeletal issues such as back, neck and joint pain by:

  • assessing and diagnosing issues
  • giving expert advice on how best to manage their conditions
  • referring them onto specialist services if necessary.

Patients can self-refer into this service, there is no need to seek advice from your GP. Please click here to access the self-referral form.

For more information on our 1st Contact Physiotherapy service, please click below.




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