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COVID 19 Vaccination Programme

August Update 2022

Currently our Covid vaccination clinics have been paused for the Summer months. Our vaccinators will be back in September to begin the Winter vaccination programme for both Flu and Covid vaccinations. Your GP practice will be in touch to book your vaccination appointments in due course. Please wait to be contacted to keep our phone lines free for emergencies.

Co-administration of Flu vaccines and Covid-19 booster vaccine

For those who are eligible for the annual flu vaccination. It is safe to receive both vaccines at the same time if they are offered to you.

NHS Covid-19 Pass

For those up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations, an NHS COVID Pass can be generated to provide your Covid-19 status. This can include both vaccination details or test results.  The pass may be required to travel abroad or at some events and venues in England who may ask for proof of your Covid-19 status.

How to get your NHS COVID Pass

The NHS COVID Pass can be accessed digitally via the NHS App or online via the NHS COVID Pass service.

To get your digital NHS COVID Pass please click here

For those who who are unable to apply for their NHS COVID Pass digitally, an NHS COVID Pass Letter can be sent in the post. To request a NHS COVID Pass letter please click here


For more information on the COVID -19 Vaccine please view the following links below:

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