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A Message from Moreton and Meols PCN Clinical Director 

I am Dr Jenny Harris and I have been a GP Partner at Moreton Cross Group Practice for over 18 years. As Clinical Director, I work closely with the PCN members to develop the services that the network will provide.

I believe that by working together we can make a real difference to the health of our patients.

Operational Lead Manager- Fiona Harle

Support Manager- Melanie Corns

Data Manager- William Owens

Administrator- Bethany Powell

Claire Culshaw

Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Hi my name is Claire and I am the Diabetes Specialist Nurse for Moreton and Meols PCN.

My background is in acute medicine, urgent care and assessment, and for the last 4 years I have been a Diabetes Specialist Nurse in Secondary care seeing acutely unwell inpatients with complex diabetes or in an acute phase of a diabetes emergency.

I now work closely with the PCN practices supporting patients with poorly controlled diabetes and currently working on a project supporting younger patients with their diabetes.

David Davies

Advanced Paramedic

Hi I’m Dave Davies the PCN Advanced Paramedic Practitioner, my role is to Lead the frailty team as well as perform home visits and supplement the 4 practices in Moreton, Meols, and Hoylake and support GPs and practice nurses. I will be assessing any acute or chronic conditions and treating or sign posting them to other areas of care. I will be a key role of the Primary Network Group (PCN) multidisciplinary care team

Rachel Voller

Womens Health and Respiratory Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Max Prescott

Health & Wellbeing Coach

Hi, my name is Max Prescott and I’m one of the health and wellbeing coaches. It is my privilege to be able to help you build the knowledge, confidence, and skills to achieve your own health and wellbeing-related goals. I previously read human geography at the University of Leeds, and I have a background in competitive sport.

Karla Devine

Social Prescriber

I’ve been working with the Wirral Social Prescribing Scheme since April 2021 after previous roles within Citizens Advice including Admin, Debt and Financial Capability.  I’ve always enjoyed travel and adventure – and one of my biggest adventures was moving from Canada to the UK nearly 15 years ago.  I’m happy to call Wirral my home.

Anne Howard

Social Prescriber

I’m Anne Howard, I’m a social prescribing link worker with the PCN. My background is in family support & working with children with disabilities, I’m passionate about supporting people in these areas when it comes to the challenges they face. In this role I enjoy supporting people with their wellbeing & to access community resources to see improved outcomes in their lives.

Samantha Taylor

Social Prescriber

I am Sam Taylor, one of the social prescribers for Moreton and Meols PCN. As a social prescriber my role involves working with what matters to each individual patient which may be a practical, social or emotional issue and assisting them to make the changes they want to make. This also includes providing information and signposting/referring to different services and organisations. Having completed a degree in Psychology my interests surround human behaviour and mental health

Linda Swann

Learning Disability Care Coordinator

My name is Linda Swann, I recently retired in November 2020 after 30+ years of Community Learning Disability Nursing. I joined the PCN to ensure our learning disability patients receive the best possible health care. My role within the PCN is reduce the health inequalities faced by people with a learning disability. This includes ensuring Annual Health Checks are of excellent quality and meaningful, education for patients and their carers as well practice staff, supporting individual patients as required and supporting colleagues ensure all projects are adapted to meet the needs of our learning disability patients.

Shannon Spicer

Physicians Associate

I’m Shannon, Physician Associate for the PCN. My role involves investigating, diagnosing and treating a range of different conditions. My interests include respiratory medicine – particularly asthma and COPD, and cancer care. I hope with the work I am doing that patients with these conditions will have less hospital admissions and feel fully supported through their condition

Lauren Williams

Physicians Associate

Hi my name is Lauren, I am a Physicians Associate at Moreton and Meols PCN.

I trained at Edge hill university and graduated August 2023. previous to PA, I did a BSc in biological Sciences. I have a special interest in Mental health. My current role is involved in GP clinics, care home health checks, learning disability health checks and post hospital discharger reviews.

Alison Evans

Lead Clinical Pharmacist

Hi, my name is Alison Evans and I am a pharmacist working in your GP practice.  I have over 10 years’ experience working with medication and my aim is to understand your priorities and help you get the most benefit from your medicines.  I am passionate about safe care and want to ensure all your medicines are appropriate and reduce areas of potential harm. I am fortunate to be able to have long appointment slots and can spend time with you making sure your medicines are working for you.

Owen Brown

Clinical Pharmacist

My name is Owen Brown. I gained experience as a Community Pharmacist, before moving to my current role at Moreton and Meols as a full-time Primary Care Network (PCN) Pharmacist. My role in the PCN involves conducting Medication Reviews to ensure your medication regime is optimised to best manage health conditions, ensure medicines are monitored (e.g. blood tests/blood pressure), and manage any side effects. During a medication review, we have a shared discussion on what is important to you, and how the team at the PCN can help you optimise your healthcare.  In addition, I work with the Medicines Management team to deal with any medication stock/supply queries.

Janet Hobbs

Pharmacy Technician

Hi, my name is Jan Hobbs and I am a pharmacy technician.  I am based in your GP practice but I am employed by the hospital.  I will review all your hospital discharge letters and ensure your medicines are updated and follow up actions are arranged (such as blood tests).  If you have lots of changes to your medicines I may call you for a chat about the changes.  If you are taking multiple medicines or struggling with your medication I can help you understand how and when to take them and look at options to support you.  I work with the pharmacy team so if I am unable to answer your query I can refer to one of our pharmacists.


Danielle Fahy

Nursing Lead

My name is Danielle and I am the Lead Nurse for Moreton and Meols PCN. I have been a practice nurse for over 10 years and I am passionate about improving patients outcomes within our locality. Having lived in Moreton since the age of two, I like to think I have a good idea of Moreton and the fabulous community spirit it shows. My job within the PCN is to ensure our nursing teams are supported, to organise training if needed, to mentor newer members of the team, and to provide guidance as necessary.

Marie Corner

PCN Lead Mental Health Practitioner

Hi my name is Marie – I am the Mental Health Lead Nurse within the PCN. I am a Best Interest Assessor and have good working knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act and Mental Health Act.My role will be to support patients’ to good Mental Health in their own community, have speedier access to treatment and improve access to urgent care if needed. My role sits like a bridge between Primary and Secondary care services and with a ‘foot’ in both camps should provide a seamless care pathway with better outcomes for patients, carers and families. I am passionate about education and thus dispelling myths, overcoming stigma, and empowering people to take an active role in their own recovery. There is no Health without Mental Health and we are here (together with an extensive network) to support you.

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